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 GU16 - Piracy Guide

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PostSubject: GU16 - Piracy Guide   Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:00 pm

So you wanna be a Pirath ?

First you'll need some Mercenary Guild tokens (from duties missions).

Earn at least 100 tokens before heading to Mos Espa and talk to Watto :

Buy an Interface Scanner schematic :

And an Interdiction Burst generator :

Interface Scanner can be capped to 20 uses (and crafted as factory schematic ) :

Ok you have your DI Scanner ready, now you need some looted DI in order to extract Convoy travel info (Elight Plans) :

Higher DI levels give higher chance to have Elight plans :

Remember the second Schematic ? As Interface Scanner, Interdiction Burst Generator can be craft as factory schematics, you'll need Crafted Mark I fusion reactor aswell :

Extract the data from the Elight plan and program the Burst generator (both need to be in your inventory) :

You'll obtain a Waypoint in a space system (here Dantooine). Once the WP reached you'll need to deploy the Burst Generator :

A few seconds later a convoy will pop near the waypoint :

You need to destroy the escort and DISABLE the cargo, then dock it. As reward, you'll receiv a no-trade box :
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PostSubject: Re: GU16 - Piracy Guide   Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:37 pm

Nice guide Arnox

You can add that the gunship convoy pop directly on you so the first thing to do is to boost far away to avoid to be "ganked" by the npcs
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GU16 - Piracy Guide
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