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 [Space PvP] Space Galactic War [Weekly]

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PostSubject: [Space PvP] Space Galactic War [Weekly]   Mon May 24, 2010 12:58 am


Will you fight for your family, believes and life ?
Help Empire to crush the Alliance Terrorists or Rebels to reconquer the Galaxy

Join the Space Galactic War

New Space Galactic War (SGW) PRESENTATION :

With the recent updates, pilots are now able to fully go overt without using space stations. Add to this a major despawn of npc (less lag). This allowing us to bring the space PvP to an higher level and fight not only in Deep Space but in the whole galaxy !

The rules are simple : 2 hours of PURE space PvP, each wednesday, starting at 8 p.m (GMT) and ending at 10 p.m (GMT). The arena ? a whole space system of the game. The objectives ? Earn the most Space Galactic Presence Points within the 2 hours (when you kill a ennemy player or npc, you earn some % of presence for your faction).

The Center waypoint will remain (/way 000), but you'll be free to fight anywhere in the system. that's mean : asteroids fights, ambush, tactical deployement and resupply. the only limit will be your sense of strategy and smartness !

- PvP Based : Free return (when you die you can go back in the battle immediatly).

- Score keeping : at the start of each event the Space galactic Presence is checked (e.g. : 80 % imp 20% rebel in Endor system). At the end of the event the Presence will be checked again (e.g. : 60 % imp 40 % rebel Endor system). So a variation of + 20 % for rebels in this case. The weekly Presence result will be registered here on the forum. At the end of the month the faction with the best Variation score will earn the system !

Limitations (it needs some) :

- Only one system in the same time : if you're fighting outside the designed system, it doesn't count.

- No JSF allowed (this ship is still too unbalanced for PvP events sorry). Please take the Belbullab : same mass, same gun slots, near twice the hitbox.

- No I-Rec II on ships (except for bombers and pobs).

- No Gank at the jumping points (Please jumpers be smart enough to go SF AFTER the jump ^^).

- SOROSUUB ALLOWED ! Yeah you read well, since the event takes place outside a PvP zone, our fellow sorosuubers will be allowed to watch the battles, gamble on the result, or event make fraps !

The good part (Again) :

- No resetting need.

- Non-stop PvP during 2 hours.

- New battle theater (9/10 systems to fight in ! Each with their own graphics).

- New scoring system using the game gcw system : less drama, more clarity.

- Real consequences event : Help your faction to win a system ! Impact the Global Galactic War balance !

- Space tactics extended to a whole space system.

- Mid-week weekly event !

- Immediate action : you just have to go space sf and join your friends.

Each Wednesday at 8 p.m (GMT : UK TIME)

Starting date : JUNE 2th 2010.

Starting system : YAVIN SYSTEM.
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Posts : 801
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PostSubject: Re: [Space PvP] Space Galactic War [Weekly]   Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:04 pm

Space Galactic war Event this wednesday : August 4th !

Check Chimaera Forum !

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[Space PvP] Space Galactic War [Weekly]
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