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 BH update - Work in progress

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BH update - Work in progress Empty
PostSubject: BH update - Work in progress   BH update - Work in progress I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 10, 2010 1:44 am

from the Bh forum :
" Hjal
Date: 06/09/2010 15:59:31
Subject: BH Update, Part 2


Quick update on what I get so far. I'm still getting all the descriptions tweaked and I'll probably also add an extra 2 pts. box that offers some regular ‘detect hidden'. The idea of an improved heal or HOT is still up in the air, I might wait and see how things work in public testing before making the call on that. Aside from that, if time allows I might try to get a couple of tweaks added for the flawless bead (such as evasion still triggering when using flawless burn).

Let me know how this looks to you.

- The Tangle bomb snare effect now also increase the action cost of the target by 5% / 10% / 15% depending on the level of the ability. This will be added to the base wheel profession attack. No expertise needed.

- Marksman now gives 4 * 25 points in precision and Evasion now gives 4 * 25 points in agility.

- I've removed the weapon restrictions on Relentless Onslaught, Sniper Shot and Cover. I've also removed the link between Deadly Strikes and Relentless along with the link between Sniper Shot and Cover. I've kept the link between Small arms and Deadly strikes as well as the link between Rifle Marksmanship and Sniper shot.

So basically you can use sniper shot with a carbine but you'll still have to invest in Rifle Marksmanship to get access to the ability.

- Melee Defense and Ranged Defense are now called Honed Reflexes and Reactive Armor. The first gives 2% dodge per point and the other 2% critical hit reduction per point. Max 6 pts

- Absorption and Deflection now grants innate armor instead of energy armor. The values are the same (4 * 125 for Absorption and 4 * 250 for deflection).

- I've removed the link between Antagonize and Fumble.

- Assault and Ambush Action Cost Reduction boxes will now be 5, 10, 20 instead of 5,10,15,20. This will allow a better point investment for a Tier 1 box.

- Man Hunter now grants 2% critical hit per point and up to 30% improvement to the base chance of the detect camo ability. The critical hit increase should help make it a bit more attractive. The bonus to detect camo is different from the 'normal' detect hidden modifier. This improves the base chance of the ability instead. The bottom line is that it's a good deal more effective than detect hidden modifier but it only improves the Detect Camouflage ability.

Overall it should make the Detect Camo fairly close to the Spies Reveal Shadows ability in success chance. The range will still be smaller."

Not so bad Very Happy

I'll post soon on the bh forum for Space bounties, hopiing htey'll have it.

Regards !

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BH update - Work in progress
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