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PostSubject: KOTOR ONLINE and SPACE   KOTOR ONLINE and SPACE I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 09, 2010 12:48 am

From Pilots forum :

Battle space and spaceships

* Space combat is similar at first glance to the 1993 Rebel Assault. You fly on a predefined path and shoot down enemies This is called tunnel-shooter.
* They preferred this to a free-roaming game because they considered this as more accessible to players and easier to integrate events into.
* From the bridge of the spaceship, special hot-spots can be picked to start such space missions. These hot spots are probably unlocked as the Charater rises in levels.
* There are several weapons available.
* You get quests, and you can trigger side quests before you start, and while you are on the mission.
* Spaceship combat is not part of the core of the game, but a quick snack. Players who have no interest in it do not have to play it.
* Combined Ground/Space-quest series may be available in the future.
* A complexity as in X-Wing or TIE Fighter is not available, the space combat is more for casual players. You shoot a few minutes around in movie-like staged space battles.
* The missions do not last particularly long, there will be no missions lasting 15, 20 or 30 minutes.
* There will be many different missions and each environment is different from the others. There will be, for example, a typical asteroid field.
* When starting a new mission you enter a different environment with other mission objectives.
* Scenarios, similar to a chase through the trench of the Death Star should not be missing. There will be no uneventful flight through space
* There will be escort missions, where you have to escort a ship and protect it from enemy bombers. Perhaps they will also have space stations to destroy or defend.
* In the demo the task was to shoot down 20 fighters and destroy a capital ship.
* When the game goes live there'll be no space pvp yet, that could change but at a later time.
* There will be six different types of spacecraft, which depend on the character class. Jedi classes will have the Vanguard-class, while Sith classes will have the Fury class.

Fixed ?


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PostSubject: Re: KOTOR ONLINE and SPACE   KOTOR ONLINE and SPACE I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 12, 2010 8:57 am

What else could we expect from a Themepark MMO ?

Weird space content, weird craft, 80% of the players will be jedi or sith, no housing (just in your own spaceship), no genuine traders, etc....

Will be hard for those who think they can find all they need in TOR
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