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 Sand Wasp FAQ

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PostSubject: Sand Wasp FAQ   Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:36 am

What are the Sand Wasps ?
We are a space squadron on the Europe-Chimaera server in the online game Star Wars Galaxie.

What are the Sand Wasps doing?
Space PvE and Space PvP, organise events, trainings or wild encounters. We're doing some light RP aswell. In the past we have created, and are still creating, a lot of events for the Chimaera community: Space Galactic War, Sand Cup, RP scenarios, TCG tournaments. We've contributed to Rebel victories often during our participation on the sunday night PvP event (while at the same time, Sand pilots did fly for the Imperial side to balance Imp / Reb ratio).

Who are the members?
A lot of us are veteran SWG players, from different countries in europe. In Team Speak we talk English.

Are you or how are you recruiting?
Friends and Sand members sponsor pilots who would like to join. Everyone can post an application on the Sand forum. After an interview, Sand leaders will decide if you are accepted or not. We do not mass recruit on the SOE Chimaera forum. That way we try to have a familiar and amicable atmosphere in the squadron.

Where are you in game?
Our pilot town is called HIVE, and is located near the Lok starport (less than 800m).

I don't see Sand Wasps pilot anymore during the Chimaera sunday night PvP, why?

8 months ago, the Sunday Night Even was very active (20 vs 20 at least). But the behaviour of some pilots drops out of the event a large amount of the Chimaera space community. We've lost the Black Banthas (very cool pilots, with good fairplay spirit) in october, they've even not finished their own event. Wild Cards squadron seems to have moved to Star Trek online. After each sunday pvp night, many pilots were *@$&ed about non respect of rules, "Win at any cost spirit" and unfair game play. We have been patient, watching and waiting if things will change, but that wasn't the case. Since we were providing 4/5 on the rebel fleet and 1/3 to 1/2 (near the end) of the imperial fleet we have decided to change things.
So our choice was clear : rather than waste our time trying to content a small portion of Chim pilots (4-6 of them), we've decided to spend our energy in events that will enjoy and entertain all the Chim community (the others -at least- 36 pilots). This way, we manage to bring back pilots who stopped any form of space and space PvP. And the best part : they've fun ! So until things changes regarding the sunday night space PvP event, we will concentrate on other parts of gameplay.

Do you have Sandwiches and drinks ?

Only beer & pie, some boobs too.
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Sand Wasp FAQ
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