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Join date : 2008-12-30

PostSubject: SAND CUP OVERVIEW & RULES   Thu May 14, 2009 8:45 pm


So you're thinking you are the best Chimaera Pilot ? Show us ! Sand Wasps are glad to present you their new Space event : The Sand Cup. New goals, new challenges and epic battles awaiting you in June 09 !

Enjoy the fights since the sorosuubs/Arena windows : Star Wars fights for real !!!

The Sand Cup is a Space Team PvP League. Teams will fight each over in Arenas around Lok Space. Rangs, previews, interviews and gambling on teams will be avaliable !

So bring you're friend and squadron wingmens and show us your strength and pilot skills !



The Sand Cup is a 3 ships team based tournament, faction-free (All factions can be a part of the same team). A team can count 5 members to the max (in case of 2 solo ships and an Arc with 2 gunners). Once you're registered in a team, you can't change for the whole event. In the same way you can't be a member of two or more teams in the same time.
NOTA : I'll ask you to only subscribe with only character per count.


Only one ship is allowed per Pilot during the Cup. Once you're registered you can't change, so choose well !

Only the JSF will be banned from the event. But since this will be a tactic competition too, Team ship restriction will be restricted this way :

1.Interceptors (1 per team) :
- TIE Heavy
- TIE adv.
- TIE In.
- Z-95 Heavy
- A-wing
- Scyk Heavy
- Vaksai
- Naboo
- Belbullab
- V-wing

2. Medium starship/multiplace starship** (1 per team) :
- TIE Agressor
- Adv. X-wing
- Dunelizard
- Krayt
- Arc-170

3. Bomber/Heavy (1 per team) :
- TIE Oppressor
- TIE Bomber
- Y-wing Longprobe
- B-wing
- Kimogilia
- Ixiyen
- Rihhxyrk
- KSE Firespray

** : Gunners are greatly allowed in the team (this is a 3 starship based team, not 3 persons Wink.


Teams will have to subscribe here on the sand forum before Mai 31th. When a Team is set, ships and pilots list will be fixed for the entire event time.

Sub Tag :
[SIG if you want to post one]


You will have to pay a 25 000 crs. enter fee to Xi'am Xan, Main Sand Cup organizer (/tip Xi'an 25000 bank). A part of the fee will be redistibued to Pilot's orphan Institute.

REMEMBER : If you subscribe for the event, you're agreeing all the rules.


Fights will take place in a virtual spheric arena of 1500m radius around a static Sorosuub (so 3000m Diametra). Pilots will fly into the spehere but are not allowed to escape farest than the Outer Zone. Sorosuubs will be stationned around Lok Space, near Asteroid field too.

Depending of the number of teams 2 to 3 matchs will be played in the same time in different parts of Corellia System.

NOTA : once the sorosuub is stopped he can't move until the end of the match.


Matchs will be round based, the First team to win 2 rounds, wins the match.

All teams will fight one time each over. The last week will be a Final one (top teams battling each other to determine the finalists).

Matchs will be Wednesday and Thursday to 8 pm GMT to 10 GMT.

Points :
- a winned match counts as 3.
- draw counts as 1 for each team.
- a lost match counts as 0.


All kind of missiles are allowed but limited to 60-80 per team (depending of the number of teams) for the entire Sand Cup time (a team will have 60-80 missiles count, not by ship, but per team, for the entire event time. If a team Exceed this count. No more missiles will be allowed, beware Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation ).

All kind of Pilot Skills are allowed, except for : Pirate Trap and Bomber Strike.


In addition to the Sorosuub Referee, two Referees in White Belbullabs Will control Arena limits and number of missiles launched. They'll have the last word and are official law executivs during the Tournament. At the end of each round the Arena referees will concert to determine the amount of missiles launched if any doubt remain, the lower amount will be choosed.

They can prononce a draw if needed.

A repeatitiv call for Outer Zone (exceed the 1500 radius arena, heavily) can result in a point penality (one round) too a mach penality (counts as 0 for the fautiv Team).

A Referee can't participate himself to the tournament as pilot/gunner in a team.

To avoid any cheating, a list of the referees will be avaliable. Referees have to be neutral : This violation will result in permanent ban for the team AND the referee.

If you want to help us organizing the event as referees put your presentation in the forum too.


This is a friendly and sportiv competition. All rules of respect are applied here too. In case of insults or taunts. Referess and judges can prononce point penalities and permanent ban from the tournament. You're warned !


Each weeks, Sand Cup ranking will be update on the Sand forum. Interviews will be add too.


Gambling : Gambling is allowed, official ones will take place between matchs, one day per week, in the Sand Outpost.
You're not allowed to pay a referee to cheat, you're not allowed to pay a team to win. Once a sorosuub Arena is stationned, you've to escape pod to exit, but you'll not be able to reinter during the match.

Example of Official Gambling :
- Team macth lose/win
- Team lose/win point per week
-Team number of missiles launched per week

Only bank tips allowed.


For the Sand Cup we will open a Matchs commentators Channel (READ ONLY). This way all spectators will enjoy the matchs !

- Sand Cup Radio (READ ONLY) : Global commentators and last matchs results.

Europe-Chimaera / Chat public chat for this galaxy / SandCup / CupHoloRadio.

- Green Arena (READ ONLY) : Green Arena chat room for in-matchs team and referees.

Europe-Chimaera / Chat public chat for this galaxy / SandCup / GreenArena.

- Red Arena (READ ONLY] : Red Arena chat romm for in-matchs teams and referees.

Europe-Chimaera / Chat public chat for this galaxy / SandCup / RedArena.

If you're interesting in becoming a Cup reporter/entertainer feel free to post in the Referee room.

III. Prices

The Wining Team will recieve :

1 Million Credits and a Nova Engine schematic (one per ship).

SAND CUP will start June 10th and 11th (8 p.m. GMT)

Due to hardware heavy issues, I'm differing the limit date to sub in the Sand Cup : You've until the 07/06/06 to register your team .Smile


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Posts : 801
Join date : 2008-12-30

PostSubject: Re: SAND CUP OVERVIEW & RULES   Mon May 18, 2009 6:35 am

Interview from Eonus Gimble - Corellian Times Reporter -

Eonus Gimble : So Arnox, Thank to answer to this interview. First of all could you expalin what is The Sand Cup ?

Arnox Tha'an : Well. It's a Space Team based PvP Tournament, It will take place in June, in the Lok system. It will be a huge event and pilots Rper and non-Rper will enjoy it. This be a faction-free event.

Eonus GimBle : Interesting. Mmmh Lok System ? It is legal ? Why not Yavin or another Sys. ?

Arnox Tha'an : Indeed. We've autorisation from General Otto (Imperial Command in Lok). Lok can appear as a wierd choice. It's our homeworld (Sand Wasps) and the space offer challenges like asteroids. And Er... There's a Galatic War you know... I don't think Imperial Command will be pleased to see ton of pilots spawnning in "Hot" Systems. Tatooine space is too heavily satured to be efficient. Lok was a good choice so.

E. G : I've read the rules, don't you think it's a bit rude ? I take the examples of the sphera arena, missiles limitations..

Arnox Tha'an : One of the Sand Cup goal is to propose real challenge for pilots. Any good pilot, in my opinion will be able to keep an eye on the single WP of the sys. Missiles limitations is a good way to allow skilled missilers to show us theirs skills. I mean Again a good pilot is able to use BOTH of is loadout : missiles and guns. And this will add a interesting tactic challenge : Should the team use half of their missiles stock to the beginning or should keep some for the final ?

E. G. : I understand what you mean, another matter : ship limitation ? Jsf are banned ? I know they're old ships but some can still fly.

A. T. : I'll compare the jsf as a child happy meal : when you're child you're pleased with the toy in the box, and when you grew up You're appreciate the taste of wine and complex food aromas. And I think a 25 ships choice pannel is a good counter balance [smiles].

E. G. : [laughs] I guess too. One think we' was thinking about, in the Corellian Staff, was the ships classes repartition : I mean Vaksai in an interceptor group ? Multiships, X and Dune only in the seconth. Why this choice ?

A. T. : Well The Vaksai is a really hard ship to define : 150k mass but it's responding like a interceptor. We couldn't just put in in the seconth group. Imagine a team with a A wing, a Vak and a B wing, too unbalanced ! The next choice was to ban it from the event, leaving a majority of pilots without their usual ship. Concerning the Seconth group ships : Imps don't have Dune and X equivalents BUT this is a faction free event, so they can recrut thes kind of pilots too. The other choice is a multi-ship : they're fun to fly and could be make the difference in the tournament.

E. G. : You're talking about multi ships, why POBz and gunships are not allowed ?

A. T. : Well they're too large for the arena. we're working on a specific Pobz tournament in august or September.

E. G. : Nice ! I'm sure our readers will enjoy this news. Last question regarding the ships : Why only one ship per pilot ? Why not just let them have 2 or 3 ? Will we not see vaksai fleets ?

A. T. : You know a lot of pilots able to pay a 25 000 galatic creds and having more than one ship ? [smiles] More seriously. Restriciting ships force pilots to choose their chassis, it's a mattter of skill, tactic knowledge. a good Naboo pilot will not be automaticly a good vaksay pilot, I know the chassis is really easy to handle, but some tricks need more time to come.

E. G. : Ok. Mmmh I'm reading you need a lot of referees for this event, why ? What will be theirs functions ?

A. T. : Well in the Outer Rim' you always need referees, with guns if possible. The Sand Cup Referees will arbitrate matchs and keep an eye on number of missiles fired and outer zones. They will have the last word.

E. G. : Will you participate or be referee yourself ? This could be wierd afetr alll some of your squadron mates will particpate in the tournament too.

A. T. : I'll be referee. Since it will be the first edition of the event. I prefer stay in back and keep all things working. Concerning my neutral opinionn well people that really know me will answered you that I'm more interesting in providing Pilot Comm. fun events than winning for my own glory.

E. G. : Aren't you just frightened by the famous names of pilots ? [sarcastic Smile]

A. T. : [Laughs] Hehe. Nice try. Again I prefer to organize the event. I'll let my squadrons mates dealing with the famous ones.

E. G. : You feel really confident about your men skills, propaganda or real feelin' ?

A. T. : No, I know they can do awesome things during the event. We've already have greats pilots Like Ard'uf, Marabas, Ack'ego, Ohitei and the wooly Sotwiwha. People need to meet the rest of our wingmen, the ones whose working in the shadows but make their part of the job, efficiently. They're impatient too show to Chim. what they're able to do. I'll add this is a pretty good period for us since a fews months now : Lot of contrats and customers [smile]. I believe in pilots like Moorf and Mowik, Swandang and Creek have goods chances. Wild cards could create the surprise too.

E. G. : Sounds like a propaganda or recruitment add !

A. T. : Hehe A bit. After alll, this will be a HUGE /bump for the squadrons, they'll show their skills to the rest of the communauty. But we're not recruiting so heavily you think, only one new member since the' last 4 months and it's an old friend of mine.

E. G. : Any words you would like to add for our readers ?

A. T. Yeah. This will be the hugiest space event for months now. I really think pilots should attend it if they're looking for challenge. I would like to say to the Non-Usual Pilots, they have a chance too. This is a Tournament based on tactic, team play and intelligence mainly. It's a good chance to try Space PvP far from the Deep Space Butchery. Since we're waiting for HUGE space content (Plz City of the skies Expansion !!! ^^), these kind of events are a good way to entertain pilots and non-Pilots : I've Watched a match since the sorosuub windows during the beta : that was amazing : you want to cry, you want to cheer and take pop-corn and cola ! Like a real Sport Competition !

E. G. : I'm sure this will be fun to watch too . Thanks for the words Arnox Tha'an, I'll see you in June for the Cup. Was Eonus Gimble from the Desk of Arnox Tha'an, Sand Wasps commandant. Stay tuned for more infos and spoils about this Tournament !
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PostSubject: Re: SAND CUP OVERVIEW & RULES   Tue May 19, 2009 9:11 am

Arnox, I didn't know if you wanted my feedback here or in-game, but here it is anyway:

Match winner is first team to reach win two fights.
Points: 3 for win, 1 for draw, 0 for losing
So how can there be a draw?

It's not really stated anywhere, but this is a League not a tournament in the traditional sense. I know it makes little difference, but if its league then calling it one may help peoples understanding of what you're doing easier.

Missiles: Limiting the count is going to be hard to enforce, allow or disallow them, having additional hard to enforce rules just gets in the way without adding anything. You might want to consider not allowing reloading during a match - chaff or missiles - if you want to add something strategic.

As someone who has a some experience in heavy ships, for me the arena size you have defined is far too restrictive: say you engage at the centre of your zone - a heavy needs to get 800+m clearance before being able to turn back on their chaser, getting that clearance takes a lot more than 1500m, so really I think this needs rethinking.

Hope this is useful to you,



PS: I love the whole idea Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: SAND CUP OVERVIEW & RULES   Wed May 20, 2009 1:48 am

I greatly apreciate your feedback Brama. I've sent many mails, but you seem to be the first to reply. thank Very Happy.

I'll change tournament for league. Thank for the explanation .Smile

Concerning the draws. Referees, have the power to decide a draw. If they think both side was out of the arena too heavily, ot any other sort of issue. I don't think will use it. But you in case fo, the rule will be already stated.

Missiles questions was an hard point during the beta : allow it, ban it ... The limitation indeed is hard to control during a match (that's why I need two referees in Belbu during a match). But I think it could be really challenging. The fact that people may have to land and reload for a match (2 rounds against 3 ships) : that's mean they'll fired (If I take the example of a team with Oppy, Vak and X) : 8*3 (3 I-Rec II for Oppy) + 14 (Vak with P3) + 14 (X with P3) = 52 missiles fired per round ! (Woot !) against 15*3 (usual chaff packs) = 45 packs. Despite showing that people depends too heavily to missiles, this will just extend the Missile Drama.
I'll add, since is not a common event, this is the occasion to test news things. If peolple need to know the value of a missile as joker (and a good one ), This event could be a good practice test. Don't be afraid, after each rounds Referees will ask both team how many missiles their fired and how much the referees have count too. We will always take the lower result : If you're saying your team has fired 10 missiles for the round, and referees have count 13, 10 will be the final result. I'm counting on Pilot Chim. Honesty too. If heavy abuses are revealed, the next league will be a Missile banned, that mean : no Oppy, or kind of double missilers. I assume if the Heavies pilots want to keep thier chassis safe, they'll be fairplay .Smile

Indeed this is a more complex rule than usual, but if we're not trying complexity now, when will we ?

For the Arena size. Ahrd point too during the Beta. Initialy the arena sphere was a 1000m radius (Indeed, too small for Heavies). We've extend it to 2000m radius, but this time was too unbalanced for Inter. 1500m Radius seems to be the balanced size for all this time. We've tested it with teams of X-wing and B-wing,it seems small in the parer but when you're in match the size is reasonable.
both team will start at 1500m from sorosuub (arena static center) that mean 3000m from each other. I agree too : the usual jousters will not be allowed to fire, burn the boost to escape at 3000m and wait for shield and capa. return : this is more sweating to Mass PvP. Again, not being able to fly far far away will be another challenge. You've a 3000m diametra sphera to fly : you can cover with asteroids (Inter dislike asteroids), you can use the sorosuub as cover too and one of the arena will be set at the Trade Fed. Outpost : so more cover and environment to use. This is a Team PvP too, your team mates due to the arena size will have to protect your escape more seriously than during the Sunday event.
We will keep the 1500m radius for the June league. And, according to teams feedback at the end, we will extend this size for the next event .

Always useful, you are Brama Very Happy. I hope I've ansewered to your questions. I assume Chim. Pilots would ask the same, so good poitn to clarify now.

Thank for the P.S. Wink. I really think, the whole Pilot Comm. wil be enjoyed. If you win or lose, this will be a great experience.

I can't wait for the first sub. and Interview if the teams.

Sand Cup interviews will be made by Eonus, a Corellian Reporter, the same way as the example above. I'll post Interviews, results and stats in extended form here (quick resum' in Chim. forum).

One day left before Official release .Smile. Ooh and the event will start the 3rd and 4th (June).

Sand Hug and Kisses,


P.S. : I'm looking for referees, honest and cool people avaliable during the event. If any of you or guildmate is interested, don't hesitate Very Happy
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Skarna Coskia

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PostSubject: Idea   Sun May 24, 2009 10:05 am

Hi, to be honest with you, I hadn't even heard about this until about 30 minutes ago when I was browsing the forums for chimera (for the first time in a while) and saw the post there, and after reading the post here I had an idea.

I was thinking that you could have people with yaghts/PoBs on standby, who could then ferry people up for spectating the tournament first hand, with drinks, entertainment and stuff (potentially for a price).

As I say on every post I make with an idea concept: This is just a basis of an idea, with only a small amount of thought given to the practicality of it.

Just an idea to help out.

Skarna Coskia, Neutral Pilot
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PostSubject: Re: SAND CUP OVERVIEW & RULES   Sun May 24, 2009 1:37 pm

Indeed Surprised . Maybe not Sorosuub chassis to not confuse Pilot during matchs ("Eh, Is this Soro mine or ?"). But yeah that's what I've in mind when I'm describing duels from the POBz windows.

Hope to see Gunships with Pom-pom girls dedicaced to teams etc. Could be great too hehe.
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Skarna Coskia

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PostSubject: Re: SAND CUP OVERVIEW & RULES   Sun May 24, 2009 2:14 pm

Hmm, Im not sure whether a normal PoB would work due to the lack of windows.. do you think that somehow the Yaghts at the centre of the arena could be more distinguishable, EG, 1 ref is sat next to it or something?
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